Sourcing with Respect for the Environment.

For nearly two decades, our supplier has focused on measuring, monitoring, optimizing, and reporting their environmental impact to minimize their footprint.

Continuous improvements in all aspects of their operations have made them a leading efficient and sustainable apparel manufacturer.

Environmentally Conscious Energy Practices.

  • Our supplier prioritizes energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • 39% of their total energy comes from low carbon biomass sources.

  • They achieved an A- score on climate change and water security from CDP.

  • Reduced bunker oil consumption by 35% since 2018.

  • Biomass energy systems generate nearly half of their total energy needs, ensuring a carbon-neutral process.

Responsible Water Management.

  • Our supplier strives to manage water consumption and clean wastewater responsibly.

  • Their innovative biological wastewater treatment system helps them recycle water, promoting biodiversity.

  • They reduced water usage by 9-13 liters compared to the industry average.

  • Achieved an 18% reduction in water intensity between 2018 and 2021.

  • 175,968 m3 of water from their sources used to irrigate green areas, further showcasing their commitment to protecting this valuable resource.

In summary, our supplier sources products with utmost respect for the environment, implementing sustainable energy practices and responsible water management to minimize their ecological impact.